Service and Value

For more than 130 years, Walter Carter Funerals has been setting the standard in the funeral industry, not only in the way we craft farewells, but also in the way we interact with our client families and the community at every touchpoint.

In an age of global conglomerates, Walter Carter Funerals has always retained its independence, as well as a strong sense of family – and with this sense of family comes a commitment to being open, honest and fully transparent in all we do.

Pricing you can trust

As a family run business, we understand the overwhelming burdens that confront a family when faced with the death of a loved one. For this reason, we price our services very competitively.

There are certain inclusions and certifications that are necessary for all funerals, such as the disposition of the body for burial or cremation. Some of these costs are fixed and others will vary. However, there are many, many more elements that differ from funeral to funeral.

When planning a funeral with Walter Carter Funerals, our team collaborates closely with you so you gain a full understanding of the extent of our role and all the elements that comprise a funeral arrangement, including pricing.

And, when it comes to pricing, we will fully explain all the
factors impacting pricing.

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Planning fee For coordination and conduct of the funeral

1 location (where the funeral is entirely at a single location)


2 locations (where the service and the burial/cremation are at different locations)



Transport into our care (from place of death or other location; any time of the day or night, including weekends) Within 30km radius of Sydney CBD


Outside 30km radius of Sydney CBD

Price on application

Hearse (for transport of the coffin/casket) 1 location (where the service and the burial/cremation are at the same location; within 30km of the Sydney CBD)


2 locations (where the service and the burial/cremation are at different locations; within 30km of the Sydney CBD. Or where there is a viewing in our gathering space separate to the service.)


Outside 30km radius of Sydney CBD

Price on application

Mortuary care Where storage of the body is required for more than 10 days, an additional fee of $20 per day may be payable

Preparation for burial or cremation (including dressing)


Embalming (where required)


Coffin or casket

Particleboard and timber coffins

$1,500.00 to $4,605.00

Custom printed coffins

Price on application

Timber caskets

$3,775.00 to $8,955.00

Solid metal caskets

Price on application


Burial plot

The purchase of a plot is not an included disbursement in the Walter Carter Funerals pricing. Families are required to deal directly with their chosen cemetery.

As charged by the cemetery

Interment services

Depending on numerous variables including, but not limited to,  choice of cemetery, day/time of interment. For example, Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park fees range from $2500.00 to $3200.00

As charged by the cemetery


Cremation services

As charged by the crematorium; prices start from $575.00

Legal documents

Medical Certificate of Cause of Death

No charge

Cremation permits (there is no charge for cremation permits when the Coroner is involved; in all other cases, both a Clause 81 and Clause 82 permit are required)Coroner’s Cremation Permit

No charge

Attending Practitioner’s Cremation Certificate (Clause 81)

As charged by practitioner

Medical Referee’s Cremation Permit (Clause 82)


Optional items

The following items may be chosen at your discretion; pricing accords with the level of service chosen

Viewing Where requested and if possible

At Walter Carter Funerals (between 9.00am to 5.00pm; up to two hours)

(assessed at $195 per hour, however automatically included within the Planning Fee)

No charge

At Walter Carter Funerals (before 9.00am or after 5.00pm; up to two hours)

$330.00 per hour

Immediately before the service (at the service location)

(assessed at $195 per hour, however automatically included within the Planning Fee)

No charge

Separate to the service (not at Walter Carter Funerals)


Venue For the service

Walter Carter Funerals gathering space

No charge for 2 hours
$330.00 per hour thereafter

Venue of choice

As charged by supplier

Vehicles Including driver and for up to
3 hours



People mover


Clergy or celebrant 


As charged by clergy


As charged by celebrant

Legal documents

Death certificate


Stationery and personalisation

Memorial stationery Memorial book (guest register to be signed by attendees at the service)


Order of service (minimum quantity of 50)

As charged by supplier

Keepsake and thank-you cards, bookmarks etc.

As charged by supplier

Tribute slideshow Compiled by Walter Carter Funerals

From $300.00

Compiled by third-party supplier

As charged by supplier

Other personalisation options Flowers

As charged by supplier

Musicians and vocalists

As charged by supplier

Photography and videography

As charged by supplier


Grave marker (temporary marker until permanent monument erected)



As charged by supplier

Cremation urn

As charged by supplier

Immediate Arrangements

We understand that there are circumstances where only the basics are needed. That’s why we’ve put together a simple immediate arrangement option, which includes cremation with no attendance or service.

The price listed is GST inclusive.

Included items

Planning fee (all arrangements)

Transport (transfer into our care and later to crematorium; within 30km radius of Sydney CBD)

Mortuary care (preparation for cremation)

Cremation coffin

Crematorium (choice of crematorium and time of cremation at our discretion)

Collection of ashes (from crematorium)

Legal documents (medical certificate, death certificate and cremation permits)



Cemeteries and crematoriums

Walter Carter Funerals has strong relationships with all cemeteries and crematoriums in the Greater Sydney area.

We most regularly attend:

Woronora Memorial Park

Administered by the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park

Administered by the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

Rookwood General Cemetery

Administered by NSW Crown Trust

Rookwood Catholic Cemetery

Administered by the Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria Trust

Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium

Owned and operated by InvoCare Australia

Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium

Administered by the Northern Cemeteries Trust

Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium

Owned and operated by InvoCare Australia

Northern Suburbs Crematorium

Owned and operated by InvoCare Australia

Bayside Crematorium

Owned and operated by Olsens Farewells

Our Promise

Walter Carter Funerals not only adheres to all Government regulations and the codes of the two leading industry associations – Australian Funeral Directors Association and Selected Independent Funeral Homes. We aim to not only set the benchmark in the Australian funeral industry but to exceed it.

We pride ourselves on providing compassion, understanding, respect and support to all the families we serve in an inclusive, transparent and professional environment. For this reason, we’ve established the Walter Carter Funerals Charter, as a continued promise to our community to maintain the level of service which you have come to expect from us. For more than 130 years, we’ve continued to evolve to meet our community’s ever-changing needs, and the Walter Carter Funerals Charter is our promise to continue to provide this level of service for many more years to come.