Floral tributes to suit all preferences

Flowers serve an important role in the ritual of a funeral. As a visual expression of love and respect, they often adorn the coffin or casket and can speak in ways that words alone cannot.

Strong and bold or soft and delicate, the style and type of flowers you choose is only limited by your imagination.

Let us know what you have in mind and we will work with our specialist funeral florist to craft the most fitting floral tribute possible.

Casket covers

One of the most important floral tributes for a funeral service is the one that adorns the coffin or casket. These often become the focal point of the service as they soften the look of the coffin and draw our eyes to something beautiful that speaks of the person who has died.

Potted arrangements

Flowers for funeral or memorial services can also be arranged in pots or vases. You may wish to have potted arrangements placed either side of the casket to compliment the casket cover, or perhaps to place around the funeral venue as standalone tributes. These not only enrich the setting of the service, they can be taken home and re-potted as a lasting memorial.

Other ideas

Flowers can be incorporated into many aspects of a funeral. You might choose to have family members place individual flowers on the casket during the reflection period. Or perhaps some long stem roses to place as the casket is being lowered into the grave. You could even dry and preserve one of the casket cover flowers after the service to cherish as a keepsake.






*We will endeavour to meet your requirements, however some flowers are subject to seasonal availability.

Let our expert arrangers assist you through the selection and ordering of floral tributes