Terms and Conditions

With Walter Carter Funerals Pty Ltd

Trading as Walter Carter Funerals

ABN 74 668 037 527

Our Planning Fee

Includes being available for consultation, 24 hrs, 7 days a week, providing trained personnel, professional care, advice and services. Providing registered and accredited mortuary facilities, services, arranging and conducting the funeral during normal working hours. Supplying accredited vehicles and hearses within normal mileage boundaries in the metropolitan area and appropriate labour as necessary or as stipulated by industrial regulation. Liaising with Cemetery, Crematorium, Clergy and Celebrants, Hospitals, Doctors, Coroners et al. Placing Notices, arranging flowers and tributes, providing private facilities for meeting, funeral service, wakes and catering and providing post-service support as appropriate.

Coffin / Casket;

We reserve the right to modify and change the coffin and fittings as available and necessary due to product changes and to comply with State regulations. We reserve the right not to accept 3rd party coffins for purposes of product and service liability and in support of our Australian suppliers.


Bringing the deceased into our care from the place of death to another mortuary or coroner utilising trained personnel and accredited vehicles.

Storage and Preservation;

Charged for the preparation for viewing and or preservation to Health Department Regulations by accredited staff in our owned and controlled premises.


Hire is from pick up address to first drop off after committal for a maximum of 3 hours, thereafter at 30-minute intervals.

Advance payment;

Cemetery costs and associated disbursements will be paid prior to the funeral service. Any Air Freight cost in respect of repatriation is required to be paid in advance. A deposit may be required to cover substantial costs.

Administration Fee;

Charged when (a) Payment is processed by a Solicitor or Trustee. (b) Repatriation cases. (c) Pre Paid funeral contracts.

Quotes and estimates;

Our representatives have used their best endeavours to accurately itemise all items of expenditure. This is an estimate of our charges based on the information given by you and adjustments will be made by us on the finalisation of costs for the funeral. You agree that “The funeral information” has been provided per regulation and is not an exhaustive list and as such our written estimate takes priority.


We will not be held responsible for valuables left on or with the deceased.

Cremation Ashes;

Ashes will only be held at a premises of Sydney Farewells Pty Ltd for a period of 3 months after the service by which time you or your delegated person will need to collect from us.

If the Ashes are not collected within this timeframe they will be disposed of as per NSW Health Department Regulations.

Grave Site;

We take no responsibility for the final allocation of the burial site on behalf of any cemetery.

The informant

The informant to this funeral contract agrees the information given for the certification of the death to us is correct and we will not be held responsible for changes by you or authorities including that given and not limited by or for use by Doctors for Certificates, The Coroner, Crematoria and Cemeteries and Dept of Births, Deaths and Marriages.


Prices are inclusive of GST and you agree to pay the debt within seven days or we may charge interest at the rate of 8% per annum.

Pre-paid funerals

Prepay today and your prices are locked in for all funeral elements itemised in your plan. This plan will be formalised as a pre-paid agreement, and subject to the contract held with The Fund Manager. Any costs outside of the agreement will be costed at the time of the funeral.