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Arranging a funeral can be challenging, even for the strongest of people – and this is especially so if it’s the first time you’ve been called upon to decide on the arrangements.

Walter Carter Funerals will guide you through the process of arranging a funeral service and will help you to craft the most fitting farewell for your loved one. Our team will draw on their expertise to support and advise you along your journey.

From our first contact with you through to the final farewell, our compassionate and knowledgeable team will be with you, delivering consistent and personalised service.

Our initial face-to-face arrangement meeting can take place at your home, our office or another convenient location.

When we meet, we’ll guide you through your choices and help make decisions about both the practical and celebratory aspects of the funeral. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional service or something more creative, or perhaps want to put a pre-paid funeral arrangement in place, Walter Carter Funerals can tailor a service to bring your vision to life.

From our first meeting until the last guest leaves the farewell, our expert team will guide you through the process, make all the arrangements and ensure everything exceeds your expectations.

Let us partner with you to craft a flawlessly executed service that honours your loved one in the way they would have envisioned.


Imagine the possibilities

At Walter Carter Funerals, we believe farewells are about honouring lives – and just as every life is unique, every farewell can be too. 

Gone are the days of every funeral service fitting a standard mould. Theres no longer a standard format that every farewell should follow, they can be as true to tradition or as creative as you like. 

Australians are remarkable in their religious and cultural diversity, and the team at Walter Carter Funerals provides service and care of the highest quality in a way that meets the full spectrum of needs. Whether it’s a traditional religious service or a celebration with a modern, individual twist, our team is on hand at every moment to craft the most fitting of farewells. 

We look forward to working with you to bring your vision to life to honour your loved one. 



The type of service you choose is an intensely personal decision and will be influenced by social, religious and cultural traditions, as well as individual preferences and budget. While some people prefer a more traditional service, others look for more unique ways to say goodbye. Service options include, but are not limited to, traditional church or chapel services, graveside or crematorium services, a service followed by a private burial or cremation, a memorial service in the days or weeks following the burial or cremation, or even no service at all.

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A farewell service doesn’t need to be held in a church or chapel, or at a cemetery or crematorium. You may choose to have the service at a non-traditional location that has a special meaning or evokes memories. Some examples include the local beach, a theatre or arts centre, a local community club, or a sporting oval or club.

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Funeral transport vehicles

Funeral transport isn’t limited to traditional black cars. More and more, people are choosing to transport the coffin to the funeral service in a vehicle other than a black hearse. This could include a champagne, white or silver hearse, a touch of grandeur with a beautiful horse-drawn carriage, a custom-built sidecar for motorbike enthusiasts, or even a funky 1960s VW Combi or a classic 1950s Holden Chevy. The options are endless, and we can help you select the right option for your loved one.

Order Of Service

Order of service

The order of service booklet sets out what will happen at the service, but it can be so much more. By adding photos, short stories and anecdotes, it becomes something you can hold on to and treasure for years to come. We have a bespoke range of designs to suit all preferences and tastes.

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Photos and videos

Photos and videos are not only mementos that can help us remember our loved one, but also provide an avenue by which those unable to attend the funeral service can be involved. They help to keep the memories of your loved one alive.

You can incorporate photos into the farewell by creating a memory board at the service with photos and space for family and friends to write personal messages. Or custom printed photos and images on the coffin can reflect the deceased’s interests and passions.

When it comes to video you may like to film the service, interment and the wake and even ask guests to share a memory or story about your loved one on camera. Video and live streaming is also a great way to share the service with those unable to attend and preserve memories of your loved ones.