Example 2 – Bespoke arrangement

To help you understand how your funeral choices impact pricing, we've compiled the following example. Please note, this example is indicative only and does not represent a 'package' offered by Walter Carter Funerals.

Non-religious service and cremation, with guests attending both locations

Mark and Trish tragically lost their 15-year-old daughter, Emma, in a drowning accident and have asked Walter Carter Funerals to make arrangements for her funeral service and burial.

Emma was extremely outgoing and popular amongst her classmates, and was a voracious reader and an avid basketball player. Her parents want the service to celebrate their daughter’s personality and interests.

Mark and Trish want a bespoke arrangement incorporating a service led by a celebrant on the sporting oval at Emma’s high school. After the service, everyone will be invited to attend a short interment service at the cemetery, which will also be conducted by the celebrant.

A number of years ago, Mark’s family purchased a family burial plot at Waverley cemetery and this is where Emma will be interred.

Knowing how hard Emma’s death has hit her school friends, Mark and Trish have decided on a simple white coffin and will be asking everyone to write messages on it in permanent marker during the service. They feel this will provide a much-needed outlet for the grief everyone is feeling.

In celebration of Emma’s love of basketball, Mark and Trish will ask guests to dress in the colours of the club she played for – yellow and white. The flowers they’ve chosen will continue this theme.

While Mark and Trish expect the majority of the school population to attend the service, along with many family and friends, they’re limiting the number of orders of service to 300 and will be asking everyone to share. They’re also printing memorial bookmarks as a nod to Emma’s love of reading and will be distributing these to family members and her closest friends.

Emma’s classmates will be putting together a tribute slideshow to be played during the service, and the school band will play all the music.

The after-service gathering will be held at the club house of Emma’s basketball team, with catering provided by a local restaurant.

Required items

Planning fee (service and burial at different locations)


Transport into our care (within 30km of Sydney CBD)


Mortuary care


‘Write on’ coffin


Hearse (service and burial at different locations; within 30km Sydney CBD)


Burial plot at cemetery

Pre-purchased by family

Cemetery interment services


Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (usually no charge, but at doctor’s discretion)

No charge

Optional items


Provided by high school



Order of service (12 pages x 300 copies)


Bookmarks (100 copies)


Tribute slideshow

Provided by friends

Flowers (full-size casket spray and 2 x arrangements)



Provided by high school

Memorial book (provided by Walter Carter Funerals)


Death certificate


Newspaper notice (35 lines in The Sydney Morning Herald)


Venue for after-service gathering

Provided by sporting club

Catering for after-service gathering

Paid by family



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