Consider your options and possibilities

When you’re deciding on when and where to hold the funeral service, make sure you discuss options and possibilities with family. Walter Carter Funerals can then arrange a funeral service that best meets your needs.

When to hold the funeral

There is no rush. You can take your time. Rest assured, there is generally no set time scale as to when the funeral service must be held.

Certain religions do require a funeral service to be held within a particular time frame, but in any other case the timing is up to you. So there is no need to feel rushed into making decisions. You can give yourself the time you need to think things through, and then ensure the various elements are in place.

However you should be aware that if the funeral service is not held within seven working days of the death, then embalming of the body may be a requirement.

Where to hold the funeral

A funeral is very personal. It should reflect the personality and beliefs of the person who has died.

When someone has been a member of a church or has a particular religious affiliation, the natural choice is usually to hold a funeral service in their church.

Some religions and cultures are quite specific about where the funeral service is to be held. Others are not. In general, it is traditional for the funeral service to be held in a church, chapel or temple, at the graveside or at a crematorium chapel.

The funeral service may be held in its entirety at one location or may be held in two parts (for example, at a church and then at a graveside).

Talk to the team at Walter Carter Funerals about personalising a service to suit your needs.

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