A wide range of choices

Walter Carter Funerals, in conjunction with Made Agency, has developed an exclusive memorial range to suit all preferences and tastes. The range can be personalised with your choice of photos, wording, prayers, text and thank-you messages. Our team is on hand to walk you through all your options and discuss pricing.

Design options

When considering your requirements for the order of service booklet, thank you cards and other printed material, you can choose from our range of exclusive design options.

Please note that the images and details depicted in the images below are for illustrative purposes only and do not relate to any real individual.

Memorial stationery in Classic design


Forever timeless, the Classic range is a demonstration of style, grace and sophistication. Designed for the older female, but equally suitable to reflect the style of a younger woman, this range is a popular choice for families.

Memorial stationery in Traditional design


A masculine collection, the Traditional range expresses a modern take on traditional memorial stationery. The simplicity and darker colour tones are refined and gentlemanly and are particularly suited to a discerning male.

Memorial stationery in Elegant design


A simple design, the Enchanting range is charming. The beautiful flourish border softens the design and the circular image spotlights the beauty of your loved one. Combined with a soft aqua finish the design is captivating.

Walter Carer Funerals' exclusive memorial range featuring the Elegant design.


The Elegant range is modern and fresh. Combining simplicity and pureness with chic elegance, the range has been designed to reflect purity, innocence and youth.

Memorial stationery in Vogue design


The Vogue design is very simple and stylish. The range has been created for the younger male, however the minimalism suits any gender. It is modern, chic and striking.

Memorial stationery in Contemporary design


A stylish, clean range, the Contemporary design is suitable for both genders and all ages. Featuring a simple, clean layout, this range has been designed to reflect a modern, uncomplicated aesthetic.

Printed memorial choices

The design options listed above can be applied to each of the following printed memorial choices.

Order of service booklets

Order of service booklet

Your order of service booklet will depend upon the type of service and can range from very simple and concise to lengthy and detailed. The booklet is A5 in size, printed on high-quality paper stock and can be 4, 8, 12 or 16 pages.

Dimensions: 148.5mm x 210mm [A4 folded to A5 (half A4)]

Memorial bookmarks


Bookmarks are a simple, timeless and elegant way to remember a loved one. Typically they have a photo on the front, as well as the name of your loved one, their date of birth and the date they died. The back can be left blank, or can include text and photos.

Dimensions: 50mm x 215mm

Memorial thank-you cards

Thank-you cards

Thank-you cards are similar to holy cards and can include envelopes. They have a front and back cover, and two inside pages. You may choose to have a photo on the front with thank-you text on the inside. They can be given out at the funeral service or mailed afterwards.

Dimensions: 105mm x 148mm [A5 folded to A6 (quarter A4)]

Memorial holy cards

Holy cards

Holy cards are small ‘greeting’ cards. They have a front and back cover, and two inside pages. A religious image or icon is usually included on the front, with a photo and details of the deceased on the left inside page. The right inside page may have a prayer or verse. These cards do not come with an envelope.

Dimensions: 105mm x 148mm [A5 folded to A6 (quarter A4)]

Memorial keepsake cards

Keepsake cards

These are a simple front and back style of card. Typically, a photo is printed on the front of the card, as well as the name of your loved one, their date of birth and the date they died. The back of the card usually has a poem or verse. These cards come in two styles: standard and custom. The standard cards are formatted to one of our pre-defined design options. Alternatively, custom cards can be designed to your personal requirements. These cards do not come with an envelope.

Dimensions: 89mm x 127.5mm

Memorial hardcover books

Hard cover memorial book

Our hard cover memorial books are a collection of your full colour photos, presented in a stylish format and superbly printed with superior gloss full-colour photos. It will be treasured now and can be passed down through the generations. Photos can include your loved one’s life journey or a remembrance taken from the day of the service. The books are 20 pages (additional pages can be added).

Dimensions: 285mm x 225.5mm

Preparing photos

While we do our best to ensure that photos are reproduced to the highest possible standard, you will need to guide us regarding your specific needs. Here are a few tips that may help.

  • Cropping. Do not crop the photo before giving it to us. Simply let us know what needs to be left in. Please make sure your instructions are clear, particularly in the case of older photos where it can sometimes be difficult to identify the correct person.
  • Scanning. When scanning photos, 300dpi resolution is preferred in order to prevent pixelation. Scanning some types of photos may not produce high quality results; for example, newspaper clippings, low quality printed photos, photos behind glass or in plastic covers. Try to remove photos from albums and frames before scanning.
  • Effects. Let us know which effect you would like us to apply to photos; for example, feathering or deep-etching. This will however be subject to our advice, as some photos are better suited to certain types of effects.

Talk to the team at Walter Carter Funerals about creating a memorial range to suit your needs.

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