crafting ideal funerals and farewells

At Walter Carter Funerals, we are committed to providing our community with compassionate service to help alleviate some of the stress when arranging a funeral.

Whether it is a traditional service or something more individual, allow us to partner with you in saying goodbye to your loved one in the most personalised way possible, telling their unique story.

Drawing on the same focus on quality service that Walter Carter Funerals was founded on more than 135 years ago, we continue to meet our Sydney community’s ever-changing needs by crafting bespoke farewells.

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Personalised Funeral Planning

At Walter Carter Funerals, we provide a personalised funeral planning service that ensures our dedicated and experienced team will be by your side, assisting you in creating a tribute that honours your loved one’s memory with the utmost respect and dignity.

This level of personalised attention is integral to the Walter Carter Funerals experience, offering you a compassionate and dependable guide during a profoundly difficult period.

These values have defined Walter Carter Funerals for over 135 years, and we remain committed to serving the evolving needs of the Sydney community by designing custom farewell ceremonies.

Arranging a personalised farewell

Arranging a farewell that truly mirrors the essence of your loved one requires a thoughtful and individualised approach. Today’s funerals have evolved beyond traditional formats, offering the flexibility to be as classic, modern, or innovative as desired.

The choice is yours, and it is our mission to craft a beautiful farewell that genuinely reflects the wishes and uniqueness of your loved one.

Walter Carter Funerals has been at the forefront of assisting Sydneysiders in commemorating their farewells for many years. This wealth of experience has taught us the complexities involved in planning a funeral, reinforcing our commitment to personalised funeral planning.

From your initial contact with us, our dedicated team will be there throughout the planning process. This includes being on hand to answer any queries and guiding you in crafting a funeral that perfectly aligns with your wishes.

Whether it’s serene outdoor services, or farewells in unique venues, our support extends from our private gathering space in Waverley to any location you hold dear.

At Walter Carter Funerals, our focus is always on our client families, offering personalised and boutique services designed to honour the uniqueness of each life with the dignity and respect it deserves.


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Pricing you can trust

With compassion and respect at the centre of all we do, the Walter Carter Funerals team is committed to providing the highest standard of service to the families we serve. Importantly, this includes no hidden costs.

Every step of the way, full transparency and reliable service underpins all that we do. We commit to complete pricing transparency, and our dedicated team members are here to answer any questions you may have.

This ensures you have all the information you need to make informed choices you’re comfortable with.

Our community is continuously evolving, and we are committed to meeting these ever-changing needs with reliable, caring service – something that generations of families have come to expect from Walter Carter Funerals for the last 135 years.

This service consistently exceeds the regulatory and industry standards set by The Australian Funeral Directors Association and Australian Government, and we have also set out what is best practice in our Walter Carter Funerals Service Charter.

Providing dependable service that is always one step ahead of your family’s needs is what we do. Our dedicated team is there to offer bespoke support and help guide your family through this challenging time.

With Walter Carter Funerals, you’re not alone in taking the first step in saying goodbye.

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Why should I consider a funeral?

No matter what the ritual, funerals are a way of saying goodbye to someone we have loved. They are a public, symbolic means of expressing our grief, acknowledging the reality of death, and mutually supporting each other. To find out more, visit our resources hub for more information.

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