Telling life stories

Photos and video go hand in hand with funerals. Why? Because funerals are all about memories. We remember our loved one. We reflect on significant life events. We share important memories. We tell stories about time spent together. This is what we do at funerals – and it's also what photos and video do best.

Photos and video are an important part of our lives. We use them to document moments of significance and times we want to remember. So using photography and videography to record the funeral service of your loved one is the perfect way to celebrate their life story and remember a life lived.


These days we take photos of everything. Smartphones in hand, we take photos of the fun times, the exciting times and the times we feel we are at our best.

But our photos generally only tell part of our life story – and our life is not just about our best moments. Our life story is full of many emotions and experiences – good and bad, happy and sad. All emotional is beautiful. All emotion is special.

Professional photography documents the funeral service. It underlines the importance of the occasion and is a momento of the importance of the person you have lost. It’s a bookend to their life story, captures the emotion of the moment and provides a visual record of how you chose to honour your loved one.


Just as photos provide a special record of a funeral service, so too does video.

Not only does it capture the occasion and provide a momento that can be watched time and again in the future, it’s also a way to involve those who are unable to attend the funeral service. It’s not always possible for family and friends to be there on the day of the service due to distance, work or other commitments. Filming the service makes it possible for those who are not present to feel included and provides an important outlet for their grief.

You can film as much or as little of the funeral service as you like. You may want a record of everything – starting at the viewing, the service itself and then through to the wake. Or you may simply want a record of certain moments. The choice is yours.

However you choose to capture the day through video, it will become part of your family’s cherished collection of recordings and form part of a time capsule of many generations to come.

Funeral Video Australia

If you’re interested in exploring professional photos and video for your loved one’s service, we recommend working with the friendly team at Funeral Video Australia.

Offering a highly professional service, the team are discreet, sensitive and understand the importance of the occasion.

They have a range of service to suit every budget and will tailor a package to meet your need.

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