A personal choice

Whether to have a viewing is often one of the most difficult decisions a family needs to make when arranging a funeral. It's a very personal decision and one that should be considered carefully.

A viewing provides family and friends one last chance to see their loved one and say goodbye. Walter Carter Funerals can organise a viewing in an environment that provides the privacy to say goodbye and allows for quiet contemplation and reflection.

Benefits of a viewing

In our experience, a viewing can have many benefits.

It provides family and friends with a chance to express personal thoughts, talk to the deceased and maybe just hold their hand. For some, it can be a time to deal with any unfinished business. If the deceased struggled in life or suffered from a long-term or devastating illness, a viewing can assure family and friends that the person is now at peace.

A viewing can also help some people move through their grieving process. It allows them to really acknowledge that the person has died, so they can come to terms with the reality and finality of death. This is particularly significant if the death was sudden or unexpected.

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