Beautiful tributes to suit all preferences

Flowers are a common element used in funeral and memorial services, and are usually purchased by the family for the service and by friends as a symbol of condolence.

Types of flowers and arrangements

Though you can have any type of flowers or style of arrangement at a funeral or memorial service, there are some flowers and arrangements that are more common than others.

Traditional arrangements include:

  • Casket sprays, which sit atop the coffin or casket
  • Standing sprays, which may be in the form of bouquets, wreaths, hearts, crosses or other shapes
  • Bouquets in baskets or vases.

When it comes to choosing the type of flowers, there are many choices – particularly these days as there are far more varieties on offer and flowers that were once only seasonally available are now on hand all year round. Common choices include lilies, roses and carnations.

However, before you tell the florist to “put something nice together”, take a moment to consider what your flowers are actually saying. Read our FAQ about what different types of flowers symbolise.

How to choose flowers

When considering what flowers you would like to have at a funeral service, think about the overall effect you want to achieve.

  • Do you want a few simple bouquets? Or would you prefer a number of more lavish arrangements?
  • What mood do you want the flowers to convey? A sombre mood? Or something more celebratory?
  • Are there floral fragrances that you prefer more than others?
  • What colours do you prefer? While white is a common choice, you may also choose flowers based on the personal preference of the deceased.


Requests for ‘no flowers’

It is becoming increasingly common for families to request that no flowers be sent, instead opting to encourage mourners to contribute donations to a charity. Even where this is the case, it’s still usual to have flowers atop the coffin or casket.

Floral inspirations

The type of flowers or style of arrangement you choose is only limited by your imagination. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll work with our specialist funeral florist to craft a fitting floral tribute.

Talk to the team at Walter Carter Funerals about the range of floral tribute choices available.

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