Creative ideas to personalise a farewell

A funeral service doesn’t necessarily need to be held in a church or chapel, or at a cemetery or crematorium. You may choose to have the service at a non-traditional location that has special meaning or evokes memories.

  • The local  beach provides a great backdrop to celebrate the life of a keen surfer.
  • A theatre or arts centre may suit if your loved one was artistically inclined.
  • Nearby bushland or a national park might be a fitting backdrop for an avid bushwalker.
  • The local RSL is a great place to honour the life of a returned service person.
  • A sporting oval or club could be the perfect backdrop for a sports fan.
In each case, the right permissions and approvals will need to be obtained (for example, from the local council or the venue itself). Walter Carter Funerals can organise these approvals and work with you to determine what is and what is not possible (for example, some locations and venues will allow for the presence of a coffin and others will not).

Talk to the team at Walter Carter Funerals about personalising a service to suit your needs.

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