We all experience the pain of loss

Working through loss is difficult, exhausting and confusing, and everyone – of all ages – can feel the intense emotions associated with grief. When you’re grieving, it can be helpful to understand what happens in grief. This understanding doesn’t make the grief go away, but it can reduce the fear of the unknown.

The death of someone we love can be the most devastating and distressing experience of our lives. The nature of the relationship we have with the person who has died will affect the depth and extent of our grief, and often we don’t realise how much a person means to us until they’re no longer here.

The death of someone significant has an impact and there are a number of factors that can affect this impact:

  • The depth and extent of love for the person
  • The interdependence with the person in life
  • Other losses that death may cause, such as loss of expectations and hopes
  • The nature of the death (for example, if it is sudden, traumatic or expected)

We grieve to realise and accept that a person has gone. Grieving helps us to work through the pain of loss and, importantly, it helps us find meaning in life.

When people talk about their worries or problems, our tendency is to want to provide solutions and to make the situation better. However, that doesn’t work with grief because grief isn’t a problem to be solved. It’s an essential process to live through and to be supported through, to ensure we regain the ability to enjoy our life.

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