Creative ideas to personalise a farewell

Floral arrangements are a striking touch to any service, but you’re not limited in your decorating choices to only flowers. There are many other decorations you can choose to reflect the personality and life of your loved one.

  • Feature your loved one’s favourite flowers in arrangements.
  • For the musically inclined, display their much-loved guitar or drum kit.
  • Lay out significant items like special books, medals or pieces of clothing.
  • Showcase a love of sports by incorporating club logos, colours, jerseys and more into the service.
  • Display plants and flowers from the garden to honour your loved one’s green thumb.

Donations in lieu of flowers

Did your loved one support a particular charity or cause? You may consider requesting that no flowers be sent, instead opting to encourage guests to make donations.

Talk to the team at Walter Carter Funerals about personalising a service to suit your needs.

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