The funeral industry is generally not at the top of the list for most people when they’re choosing their career path. Let’s face it, it doesn’t even make the top 20.

For many people, it’s a confronting industry – one that’s steeped in myths and stereotypes. But the reality is really very different.

Admittedly it’s by no means an easy career option. It can be both emotionally and physically challenging – and very stressful. But it’s also incredibly rewarding. It takes a special type of person to listen to a family’s needs, understand their emotions and, through conversations with the family, get to know the person who is now gone. It’s a true privilege to be asked by a family to organise the final goodbye for their loved one.

So what is it that makes someone choose to dedicate their career to the funeral industry? We asked some of our team at Walter Carter Funerals. Here’s what they said.


Dale Maroney – Managing Director at Walter Carter Funerals

“Working in the funeral industry was always pretty much inevitable for me. I’m proud to be the fifth generation of my family to own and run Walter Carter Funerals. This business is in my blood! Ever since I can remember, we’ve sat around the family dinner table discussing the family business – the services we’ve held, the families we’ve helped and the people who’ve made it happen.

“I really do enjoy working in the funeral industry. It’s so rewarding – and that’s because of the gratitude we receive from the families we help. When you’re bitten by the bug, it becomes so much more than just a job. It’s a passion. You might even say it’s a calling.”


Richard Gosling – Funeral Consultant at Walter Carter Funerals

“I came to the funeral industry after almost losing my daughter a few years ago. During the course of her illness, we had discussions about her funeral. I started to wonder about who would organise her funeral and the kind of person they would be. I wanted to believe they would be someone who was patient and caring – someone who could lighten the load and relate to the pain we would be feeling should the worst come to pass. After my daughter recovered, the idea stayed with me and I thought: ‘that person could be me’.

“I get a great deal of satisfaction from my job. It’s confronting and it’s rewarding. No two days are ever the same, no two funerals are the same and certainly no two families are the same. Coming to work every day I hope to be able to quietly, almost invisibly, make things easier for our client families.”


Steven Widdop – Funeral Consultant at Walter Carter Funerals

“My journey to the funeral industry has been a diverse one, both personally and professionally – and I’d like to think that I can use the experiences I’ve gained and the gratitude I’ve learnt along the way to help our client families at a crucial time.

“I understand the special position I’m in. I provide guidance and support to families in all types of atmospheres. Every family is unique, every conversation is unique and every funeral arrangement is unique. Some families come to us with a very clear and structured view of what they want. Others don’t. Whatever the situation, being able to take all the input and craft the perfect funeral for each family is paramount. It’s something I take great pride in.”


Leanne Mason – Mortuary Manager at Walter Carter Funerals

“Seventeen years ago, I was given the opportunity to watch an embalmer carry out his work on someone who had passed away from a sudden traumatic event. The results he achieved were nothing short of amazing. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to become a specialist practitioner in the art of embalming and serve the community.

“The most rewarding part of my job is the feedback we receive from our client families. They’re always so grateful to have the chance to view their loved one and say one last goodbye. Every day, my work gives me the chance to treat each deceased person with the utmost care, dignity and respect at their time of need – and in doing so we can afford their family the highest level of care.”

If you would like to know more about working in the funeral industry, email us at [email protected].