Example 5 – Immediate arrangement

To help you understand how your funeral choices impact pricing, we've compiled the following example. Please note, this example is a set package offered by Walter Carter Funerals.

Immediate arrangement

At the age of 85 years, John passed away peacefully at his nursing home in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. With the exception of his eldest daughter Molly, John’s children and grandchildren are all located interstate and overseas.

The family agreed that, given the time it will take to bring everyone together at such short notice, it was best for Walter Carter Funerals to conduct an immediate arrangement.

John’s family will hold an informal memorial service and a gathering of family and friends in six weeks time, so everyone has time to make travel arrangements.

Required items

Planning fee (all arrangements)

Transport (transfer into our care and later to crematorium; within 30km radius of Sydney CBD)

Mortuary care (preparation for cremation)

Cremation coffin

Crematorium (choice of crematorium and time of cremation at our discretion)

Collection of ashes (from crematorium)

Legal documents (medical certificate, death certificate and cremation permits)



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