Options to suit your needs and budget

As a family owned and operated business, we understand the overwhelming burdens that confront a family when faced with the death of a loved one. For this reason, we price our services very competitively.

From the simplest service to the most extensive farewell, we are committed to a pricing structure you can trust.

  • Transparency. Our pricing structures are clear and there are no hidden charges.
  • Options. We have a wide range of options to choose from and can structure a package to suit your needs and budget.
  • Financial support. We can help you understand your options when it comes to paying for a funeral.

Funeral costs

Just as every person is different, so too is every funeral different – and the total cost will depend on the arrangements you want to put in place.

There are certain inclusions and certifications that are necessary for all funerals – such as the disposition of the body (for burial and cremation) and obtaining the death certificate. Some are fixed costs and others will vary.

However, there are many, many more elements that differ from funeral to funeral.

The elements that comprise each funeral arrangement will inevitably vary according to the particular client family’s requirements and preferences. Equally, arrangements are often impacted by cultural and/or religious necessities.

Arranging a funeral involves a great deal of personal interaction. It relies on close collaboration between us, as funeral consultants, and you, as the client family. It’s through this close collaboration that you’ll gain a full understanding of the extent of our role and all the elements that comprise a funeral arrangement, including pricing. And, when it comes to pricing, we will fully explain all the factors impacting prices.

Only once we’ve gained an understanding of your requirements and preferences can we give you accurate pricing information.

At Walter Carter Funerals, we will always provide you with a written estimate of costs prior to the conduct of the funeral. These costs will fall into two categories:

  • Funeral director’s costs
  • Disbursements (at cost and inclusive of GST)

Who is responsible for paying for a funeral?

If you arrange a funeral you are responsible for ensuring payment of the expense, so it’s best to first check where the money will be coming from and whether there will be enough to cover the relevant expenses.

Where there is an estate, the funeral expenses can be paid from the deceased’s estate.

Sometimes banks will allow payment of the funeral expenses from the bank account of the deceased person before probate of the Will is granted.

Depending on individual circumstances, funeral expenses may be covered by:

  • Life insurance benefits
  • Death benefits from Centrelink or Veterans Affairs
  • Pre-paid funeral plan, bond or insurance
  • Health fund benefits
  • Superannuation payout
  • Workers compensation.

We welcome all enquiries about funeral costs.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

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