Our range of services

At Walter Carter Funerals, we understand how important saying goodbye is. Every person is different, so every goodbye is different and every funeral should be different. That’s why we offer a full range of services to help you say goodbye in the best possible way.

Funeral services

The team at Walter Carter Funerals have the expertise to guide you through the full range of funeral choices. We have the experience and the understanding to provide services for different cultures, age-groups and genders and will make every effort to accommodate all faiths and traditions. From deciding between burial and cremation to selecting flowers, choosing music and planning an after-service gathering, we can help you plan a service that best honours the life of your loved one.

Pre-planned funerals

Planning for your funeral doesn’t need to be sad or sombre. It simply means that you’re making important decisions and arrangements yourself, saving your family the burden. At Walter Carter Funerals, we can step you through the process and help you to personalise your funeral arrangements.

Grief and bereavement support

At Walter Carter Funerals, we understand that our commitment to our client families doesn’t finish with the completion of the funeral. After a funeral our Bereavement Care Coordinator is on hand to provide follow-up support to families, providing the opportunity to discuss how they’re coping and offering resources and referrals where required.

Community service program

All grief is unique and the Walter Carter Funerals Community Service Program provides support, knowledge and guidance to people in their time of need, allowing them to acknowledge and express pain, explore feelings, share grief and develop positive ways to cope with loss.


Walter Carter Funerals offers a comprehensive range of training programs designed to assist the community, healthcare and industry professionals to understand death, dying and the funeral process. Our programs offer participants the opportunity to learn practical skills and bring new value to their workplace and daily lives.